Professor Sonoda “worked with” 287 undergraduate/postgraduate students in his seminar during his 15 years’ service for Chuo University and 63 postgraduate students in his seminar during his 4 years’ service for Waseda University. During his 29 years’ service as a university professor, he became a member of Ph.D. thesis committee 28 times, excluding two occasions as an external examiner in Hong Kong. Up to now, four people obtained their Ph.D. degree under Prof. Sonoda’s supervision.

1) Dr. FANG, Minghao  方明豪 (2005 at Chuo University, now teaching at Dalian University of Technology as associate professor, China)

Dissertation Title:” An Analysis of Changing Identities of Korean Chinese: Through Interviews with Younger  Generation in Beijing City” (Japanese)

Speciality: Korean Migration, Media Studies

Dr. Fang

2) Dr. FROESE, Fabian, Jintae (2009 at Waseda University, now teaching at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen as chair professor, Germany)

Disssertation Title: “Convergence of Work Values in Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai?: Cross-country and Intergenerational Comparisions

Speciality: Human Resource Management,  Cross-cultural Management.

Dr. Froese

3) Dr. KISHI, Yasuyuki 岸保行 (2009 at Waseda University, now teaching at Niigata University as associate professor, Japan)

Dissertation Title: “Formation of ‘Cultural Competence’ in Japanese Manufacturing Companies in Taiwan: A Study of ‘Cultual Mediation’ by Long-service Local Employees” (Japanese)

Speciality: Human Resource Management, Comparative Sociology.

 Dr. Kishi

4) Dr. Dilnoza MIRDJALILOVA (2019 at the University of Tokyo, now working at Globis University )

Dissertation Title “The Social Consequences of Alphabet Reform: Post-coloniality and the Language Policies in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan”

Speciality: Language Policy, Central Asian Studies


The following are the graduates of Prof. Sonoda’s Zemi at the University of Tokyo.

1) Ms.GONG, Xiaoyun  龚 暁云 (2008-10, MA/ China)   Thesis Title:”Emerging Shangzai Online Video in China: An Analysis of Its Characteristics and Functions”

2) Ms. AMANO, Yuki  天野 友貴(2009-12, MA/ Japan)  Thesis Title:”Search for Storytelling in the Traditional Craft Industries: A Case Study of Mage-wappa Producer Kurikyu”

3) Ms. CHEN, Xuelu   陈 雪璐(2011-13, MA/ China)  Thesis Title “Contesting Shanghai Gay Space: Identity, Consumption, and Cosmopolitanism in Post-Reform China” (Best Thesis Award)

4) Mr. CHEN, Yi 陳 沂(2013-15, MA/ Canada) Thesis Title “Effects of Exposure to Globalization on Chinese Consumer Attitude towards Japanese Products”

5) Mr. Thomas GREGG Sono (2014-16, MA/ USA) Thesis Title “The Penumbral Space: The Paradox of Cross-Cultural Interpenetration in Japanese Firms”

6) Ms. CAI Xiaojun 蔡 小珺(2014-16, MA/ China)  Thesis Title “Time Versus Money: Household Bargaining and Upstream Intergenerational Transfers in China” (Best Thesis Award)

7) Ms. LU Yuxi 魯 昱熙(2014-16,  MA/ China) Thesis Title“Online Nationalism and Fandom: A Case Study of Anti-Taiwan Independence on Social Media”

8) Ms. AN Qi 安 琪(2014-16, MA/ China) Thesis Title “1937-1941 The Propaganda of KMT towards the Mass People in the U.S. Via Time and Life Magazines”

9) Ms. LI Yanfei  李 燕飞 (2014-16, MA/ China) Thesis Title “Young Lady in Old Dress: Hanfu Consumption and Self-identity Building of Young Chinese Women”

10) Ms. CHUANG Ching 荘 静  (2015-17, MA/ Taiwan) Thesis Title “Fragmentation of Codes in Fujoshi on Twitter: A Research on Tweeting Patterns and Leaning Process of Fujoshi Online”

11) Ms. SHI Yiwen  施 奕文(2015-2018, MA/ China) Thesis Title “Fertility Desire for the Second-child: A Research on Determinants of Fertility Desire for the Second-child in Shanghai”

12) Ms. Anna Camille Vicedo FLORES (2016-2018, MA/ Philippines)  Thesis Title “Comics as Jeepney: An Analysis of the Continuous Negotiations of Identity in Postcolonial Philippines”

13) Ms. LI Qili  李 祺莉 (2016-2018, MA/ China) Thesis Title  “Running Trajectory Analysis Using Fitness Tracking Data for Planning of the Runner Service Facilities”

14) Ms. WANG Jiangxue  王 江雪(2016-2019,  MA/ China)  Thesis Title “Old Devil and New Cage: A Historical Account of Internet Addiction Treatment Facilities in China”

15) Ms. ZHAO Shiliu  赵 施柳 (2017-2019, MA/ China)  Thesis Title “Yelling for What: Understanding Motivations of Audience’s Donation Behavior in Japan’s Online Video-game Live Streaming”

16)  Ms. YE Yingzi  叶 英子(2017-2019, MA/ China) Thesis Title “Same Term, Different Connotations: How ‘NEET’ Is Perceived Differently by Scholars and NEETs in China”

17) Mr. Philipp GILSON (2017-2019, MA/ Germany) Thesis Title “Are WHO Media Guidelines for Responsible Suicide Reporting Effective in Japan?: Analyzing Seven Cases of Youth Suicide Reports in Three Major Japanese Newspapers”

18) Ms. Jiaxin ZHENG  郑 嘉馨(2017-2019, MA/ China) Thesis Title “Re-Imagining Identity in Hong Kong: The Construction of ‘Hong Kong Nation’”





The following are the students who are doing researches under Prof. Sonoda’s supervision.


Ph.D. Students

Jiyoon KIM, Ms. South Korea

Jiyoon Kim was a PhD Student at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies. She finished her BA in Mass Communication and MA in Visual Communication, both in Yonsei University, Korea. Her research interest mainly covers the experience of globalization, cosmopolitan imagination and world imaginaries as socially, culturally, and historically constructed and accumulated in certain society. She is currently working on this issue in her dissertation through the case of youth travel culture/tourism, global imagination, and backpacker enclaves in East Asian context, for example in Korea and Japan.

Yi-ren LIN, Mr. (Taiwan)

LIN Yi-Ren was a PhD student at the ITASIA program and is currently serving as project assistant professor for IHS program. His work focuses on the culture and social interactions among Internet users, and he is also interested in social thoughts, especially Durkheim’s work. The topic of his PhD thesis is about Taiwanese “villagers” (「鄉民」), which may be viewed as an Internet-based cultural identity. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics, National Taiwan University (Taiwan), and a  master’s degree in sociology, National Chengchi University (Taiwan).

Lige BAO, Ms. (China)

Ms. Bao obtained her bachelor degree from Peking University and master degree from University of Tokyo. She was a Ph.D. student in the ITASIA program as well as IHS program, at the University of Tokyo. She has been interested in education issues under globalization and the pursuit of identity among Chinese people by recovering traditional Chinese culture. She currently studies emerging old style private school(私塾) in contemporary China.

Xiaochen SU, Mr. (USA)

Xiaochen Su is a Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo, ITASIA Program. His research interests are in the sociological/political/economic impacts of international migration, with particular focus on Chinese immigration in the Russian Far East. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Yale University in US and MA from LSE in UK.

Alleson D. Villiota II, Mr. (Philippines)

Alleson D. Villota II is a Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo ITASIA Program. He obtained both his degrees in BA Political Science (2007) and MA Asian Studies (2016) from the University of the Philippines. His research focuses on the changing forms and notions of masculinities in the context of transnational marriage and migration, with emphasis on the lived experiences and narratives of Japanese husbands married to Filipina wives

George Zachary GONZALES, Mr.  (USA)  

George Zachary Gonzales is a first-year PhD student in University of Tokyo’s ITASIA program.  His research concerns transformations in global capitalism, particularly as they relate to emotion and conceptions of self, from the late 1960s to the contemporary moment.  Focusing on Japan, he utilizes oral histories to elucidate people’s lived experiences of events tied to the consolidation of late capitalism in the 1970s.  He earned his BA in History at Pomona College and MAs in History and Interdisciplinary Information Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz and University of Tokyo, respectively.


Master Students

LUONG Nguyet Anh, Ms. (Vietnam)

Luong got a undergraduate degree in Social International Studies at University of Tsukuba before moving to UTokyo for ITASIA program. Her research interest is sharing economy, in particular Airbnb host-guest relationship in Japan and the emerging labor force of digital motorcycle taxi drivers in Vietnam.

ZHAO Xinshu, Ms. (China)   

Ms. Zhao Xinshu is currently a second-year master student in ITASIA program. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Wuhan University (P. R. China) and Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Leeds (UK). Her research interests include sociological food studies, food politics, tourism, and sustainability. The project she is working on investigates authenticity and sustainability issues in food tourism with questionable food safety conditions in China as context.

CHUANG Chia-Li, Mr. (Taiwan)  

Mr. Chuang, chia li is currently a second-year master student in the Interdisciplinary Information Studies department at the University of Tokyo. He obtained his bachelor’s degree at National Taiwan University in Anthropology and Archaeology. His research interest is about the political aspects of cultural heritage in East Asia. Recently, he is focusing on how the current archaeological practices in Taiwan could contribute to the construction of self-identity on the island in a post-colonial context.